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Record a radio show and never miss a show again.

With Radio Shifter you'll never miss a show again because you can set up recording schedules and subscribe to them like podcasts.

Get started by choosing from over 1400 Radio Stations.

How It Works

You set up a recording schedule. Radio Shifter records a radio station at that time, daily if you it want to. The recordings sits in your personal recordings feed.

Add your recordings feed to iTunes, Downcast, Pocket Tunes, or just about any pod-catching app, and the recordings sync onto your desktop or mobile devices.


Why Use Radio Shifter?

  • Use it when no podcast exists for a show

  • To create an archive of your favorite shows

  • For recording a local show in a timezone you just moved out of

  • When your life schedule changes and no longer lines up with the broadcast schedule

  • When you want to hear shows on a mobile device but don't want exceed your data plan

  • When you want to hear shows on a flight but don't want to pay for in-flight Internet access

About Radio Shifter

Radio Shifter is a personal project made public. Built by me, Brandon Casci, in Somerville, MA. My story is a little further down this page.

How It Works

Radio Shifter is composed of two systems, a user facing web app, a.k.a. website, and a recording service.

You're looking at the first half right now! This is where people set up recording schedules and point RSS readers at. The web app is hosted on Heroku and communicates with the recording service on a separate server.

The second half is the recording service and it watches the schedules. It starts and stops recordings as needed, transcoded the audio to to MP3 and then places result into an S3 bucket. After all that it tells the web app about the new recording so it will show up in someone's RSS feeds.

Although I've worked with most of the following things to a varying degrees, Radio Shifter provided a chance to better understand:

Working with timezones, interconnected systems, asyncronous processing, audio transcoding, Heroku, S3, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Zurb Foundation, bash scripting and other stuff!

About Me

I live in Somerville, MA where I have a wife and a little dog.

I've held various technology driven jobs. My last traditional job was about 8 years ago. From there I did some contract work and eventually bootstrapped two businesses. This type of self-starting entrepreneurial attitude has given me a vast amount of thinking-outside-the-box experience.

I'm always on the lookout for great new opportunities. So please contact me if you have one I should know about.